Collision Avoidance of Mobile Robots

Collision avoidance is one of the fundamental issue in safety robotics. In this work, we examine the collision avoidance control for nonholonomic mobile robots using the novel avoidance function. The nonholonomic dynamic system is first linearized into a double integrator form. Then, previous result from Rodriguez-Seda et. al., 2011 is then applied to account for various measurement uncertainty caused by delay or noise. In this approach, the control goal such as setpoint or tracking is achieved while secondarily avoid collision. The control approach has been experimented extensively. Here are some of the videos of the results.

Related Paper:

E. Rodriguez-Seda, C. P. Tang, M. W. Spong, and D. Stipanovic, “Trajectory Tracking with Collision Avoidance for Nonholonomic Vehicles with Acceleration Constraints and Limited Sensing,” International Journal of Robotics Research, Vol. 33, No. 12, pp. 1569-1592, October 2014. [Link]