Word cloud of my LinkedIn recommendations

I like word cloud, and have always wanted to make a word cloud that can describe myself. Recently I got laid off from Caterpillar. As normally done by many people, I updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect my most up-to-date work history. I also thought of asking recommendation from people (also like many people did). I noticed that most people would ask for their past bosses or managers, probably people think that those recommendations would carry more weight. For me, I don’t really want to know just what the managers think of me. Frankly, I had managers that either not...

R package install good practice

I came across this page when trying to find ways to do text mining and word cloud in R. I like the best practice to check if packages have been installed and loaded using the following piece of codes, which I advise to add at the beginning of any codes: Needed <- c(“tm”, “SnowballCC”, “RColorBrewer”, “ggplot2”, “wordcloud”, “biclust”, “cluster”, “igraph”, “fpc”) Needed install.packages(Needed, dependencies=TRUE) install.packages(“Rcampdf”, repos = “http://datacube.wu.ac.at/”, type = “source”) This may not be new to any programmers, but I think it is still very useful to note.

Mechanical engineering and data science?

I’m a mechanical engineer, and I’m trying to get into data science. Naturally, I did a Google search, and see what is out there. I found an article, which is very well framing a very traditional questions – “majority of what you learned in the college will not be applicable in your job, why do you need a college degree then?” Here is the answer that was quite well done: “What does mechanical engineering have to do with data science?”  


“The ultimate test for a leader is not whether he or she makes smart decisions and takes decisive action, but whether he or she teaches others to be leaders and builds an organization that can sustain its success even when he or she is not around.”

2016 CIE Leadership Assessment and Mentoring Program

One of the greatest thing living in a big metroplex is that there is always opportunity to listen to a great talk in person. I’ve been active in CIE many years and I’ve never disappointed with the quality speakers recruited in various events. This year’s LAMP is no difference (and better!). The keynote speaker was the Assistant Vice President at BNSF, Muru Murugappam. He is an Indian decedent. One thing that he taught the audience the most is to keep learning and work hard – and one day you may end up being in the “corner office”. Well, my goal is...

Hello Texas by Toyota USA

   Toyota USA made a big deal to announce their “neighborhood” in the DFW area by hosting a “Hello Texas” event in Art and Technology Center in UT Dallas. The event was well attended, especially given that a lot of students have been looking forward to the Toyota headquarter construction and migration in Plano, and see what kind of (job) opportunity they can expect after their graduation. This is the second time I listened to the talk by Osamu “Simon” Nagata, the EVP of Toyota USA – first time was in the DFWAACC dinner banquet. I particularly appreciate the preparation...