Dissertation Prelude

Stuff to learn before getting dissertation done:
1. Learn and master the use of LaTeX ~ (it’s scientifically recognized! No more Microsoft Word… the crappiest stuff to write a thesis/dissertation! Anyway… anyone has the license for MikTex? I don’t want to work in UNIX environment =S)
2. Organize a "very good" database for literature survey ~ (currently is still pretty random in the brain… you won’t find the article at the moment you need it… because articles like to play hide-and-seek… in your computer…)
3. Read papers FAST ~ (sigh… taking 1-2 days to read and understand (and yawn and fall asleep on) a paper will take forever to graduate…)
4. Summarize idea FAST ~ (English gotta improved more… took too much time to write a sentence… will take forever to graduate as well…)
5. Refresh Math background ~ (almost forgot every single fundamental math, at least not doing 1+1=2 by counting fingers… but calculator… =.=|||)

Stuff to do:
1. A few dissertations are sitting on my desk… of course I know what to do with them…
2. Tons of papers are in the drawers… of course I know what to do with them as well… (oh yeah… toss them… so that the "desk entropy" can decrease… but it’s hard to violate "Second Law of Thermodynamics"…)
3. Submit AT LEAST 3 journal articles / 6 conference articles before leaving grad school… (oh well… 3 journals are on the way… boring "frying old rice" work… conference articles… 3 more NEW ones are required! hehe… 3 more new places to go =P)
4. Get "shorted" by electricity AT LEAST 1 more time on the circuit board…
5. Get hurted AT LEAST 1 more time in the machine shop on a drilling machine (hurt me gently… please…)…
6. … to be cont’d…

One thought on “Dissertation Prelude

  1. Kok-Lam

    There is no license for MikTex. MikTex is LaTeX for Windows and it’s free. You need to install numerous software to get the LaTeX to work correctly. The steps below may help:- 1) Install MikTex from http://www.miktex.org/2) Install PostScript like GhostScript and GhostScript View3) Install WinEdt from http://winedt.com/WinEdt is a shareware for 30 days. It cost like $30 but way prettier than MS Word!

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