2016 CIE Leadership Assessment and Mentoring Program

One of the greatest thing living in a big metroplex is that there is always opportunity to listen to a great talk in person. I’ve been active in CIE many years and I’ve never disappointed with the quality speakers recruited in various events. This year’s LAMP is no difference (and better!). The keynote speaker was the Assistant Vice President at BNSF, Muru Murugappam. He is an Indian decedent. One thing that he taught the audience the most is to keep learning and work hard – and one day you may end up being in the “corner office”. Well, my goal is not necessarily being in the “corner office”, but being successful, and a trustworthy leader in a team and the subject matter expert. But I think a lot of the contents in the talk are very important no matter one wants to end up being in the “corner office” or not. Here are some of the highlights of the slides he presented…


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